SoftSyl's technology was built in-house by the same lead expert architects who built existing million-dollar systems.  

We are not resellers, which allows our company to offer you very competitive prices.  Our IVR solutions provide the most reliable and cost-effective way for call centers and businesses to deploy mission-critical IVR applications that revolutionize business processes.  SoftSyl’s cloud based model eliminates the need for complex and costly client-managed IVR and telephony infrastructures, while allowing clients to retain complete control of applications and valuable data.

SoftSyl makes it possible to combine open standard technologies with a state-of-the-art IVR platform, allowing companies to quickly harness the power of advanced customer service automation services.  Our technology can also leverage just about any existing infrastructure.  Cisco?  Avaya?  Nice?  Mitel?  Shoretel?  Anything else?  NO PROBLEM!

  • Harness the Lowest Prices in the Industry

SoftSyl’s all-in-one products and unique platform components ensure that customers can access the lowest industry compliant IVR pricing in the market.  We are confident that our competitive price point is 50-75% less than big name industry providers yet our solutions are tested to be just as robust and reliable.  Enhance your business or call center with strategic automation that is the most cost-effective architecture money can buy, leaving more profits that can be dedicated to other business activities.

  • Hassle Free Cloud Services

SoftSyl requires no setup fees or long term binding commitments.  Deploy an enterprise scale, on-demand IVR system but pay only for what you use.

  • Reduce Agent Costs

Our IVR solutions consistently demonstrate excellent ROI by providing automated self-service functionality to common tasks that sharply reduce reliance on live operators.  By outsourcing your IVR system to SoftSyl’s cloud-based services, you will profit from a reduction in operational costs while eliminating the complexity of managing an on-premises IVR and telephony infrastructure.

  • Gain Reliability, Scale and Performance

Our hosting facility combines unique VoiceXML performance optimizations and a multifaceted network to provide the enterprise grade performance, reliability and scalability needed for mission-critical IVR applications.

  • Support Peaks in Call Volume without Over-Provisioning

Dynamically allocated network capacity eliminates the expense and guesswork of provisioning, allowing companies to scale on demand and pay only for the capacity they use.

  • Take Advantage of Web Investments

VoiceXML-based development brings the Web paradigm to call centers, enabling them to fully leverage their existing infrastructure investments.

  • Reduce Lead Time

SoftSyl’s cloud-based services can immediately deliver results that meet the demand of any volume, eliminating the long lead times associated with provisioning and installation of telecommunications lines, hardware and software.

  • Increase Profitability

Far beyond traditional agent-driven customer service, IVR applications can provide self-service access to task management from anywhere, day or night.  SoftSyl’s IVR solutions allow call centers and businesses to leverage the phone as a strategic marketing tool by delivering effective customer service protocols without reliance on live agents.

  • Save Time and Money by Eliminating Multivendor Dependency

Since SoftSyl is not a reseller and all our products have been designed and developed by our own team, we can offer the best technical service without giving customers the run-around.  This means no passing blame onto other vendors that can cause significant down time when trouble arises.

  • Quickly Eliminate Trouble With One Point of Contact

SoftSyl’s team of specialists understand all elements of your IVR system inside and out, which means we know how to tackle every trouble ticket immediately.  Rather than dealing with the blame game that typically results with using multiple vendors, you can rest assured that we will stand behind you to resolve any trouble that arises as quickly as possible.

  • Protect Your Assets Under United States Laws

SoftSyl Technologies prides itself in the fact that all work is done in-house.  We do not outsource any portion of your IVR project to foreign nations.  This ensures that all parties involved are protected by United States laws and none of your company’s confidential information falls into the wrong hands.  This is a key element when choosing a provider that is often overlooked, risking significant hardship if critical business information is disclosed without legal ramifications.