This element is used to play an audio file. The audio could be pre-recorded instructions that can be played to the caller.



Contains the URI of the audio file location.


An ECMAScript expression that evaluates to the audio file location.


It is the time the platform should wait for downloading the audio file before throwing a fetchtimeout error.


It can have two values safe and prefetch. Prefetch tells the interpreter to retrieve the file when the document is executed while safe indicates that the file can be downloaded only while executing this element.


An integer value that indicates the maximum allowable age of the fetched documents in seconds. If the cached copy is older than the maxage value then a new copy will be fetched.


An integer value which is added to the maxage and the resultant integer value indicates the maximum value in seconds, a stale content of the element can have after which it becomes invalid and can no longer be used.


audio, block, choice, emphasis, enumerate, error, field, filled, help, if, initial, menu,  noinput, nomatch, object, paragraph, prompt, prosody, record, sentence subdialog, transfer, voice


PCDATA, audio, break, emphasis, enumerate, mark, paragraph, phoneme, prosody, say-as, sentence, value, voice.