It specifies an input item to be collected from the user by prompting for the values defined in the grammar.



Name of this form item variable to hold the input from the user. It must be unique within the form.


To specify one of the built-in grammars. It can be boolean, currency, digits, date, phone, time or simply CDATA to include all the built-in grammars.


Contains the initial value of the variable declared. If not declared the variable has an undefined value. If the variable has a value then the instructions enclosed inside the field element are not executed.


A boolean expression when evaluates to true, field elements are executed.


A boolean expression when set true enables only the field grammar else enables all the active grammar. The default value is false. 


This is used for grammar which fills multiple fields to populate them.




PCDATA, audio, catch, enumerate, error, filled, grammar, help, link, noinput, nomatch, option, prompt, property, value