It is used as an output means used to read-out the contents as audio to the user if TTS is used.



A boolean when set to false allows the user to interrupt the prompt while in execution.


This determines what constitutes to a bargein. It can be energy, speech or recognition.

Energy- when the user audio signal is over a threshold.

Speech- when a audio signal from the user is detected.

Recognition-when the user signal matches as grammar.


A condition when evaluates true, makes the prompt active


An integer value that allows the interpreter to emit different prompts if the user is doing something repeatedly. Prompt has the initial value of 1 when a form item is first visited and gets incremented every time a prompt is visited. 


The interval of time to wait before throwing a “noinput” event.


Defines the language dictionary to be used in the grammar.


block, catch, error, field, filled, help, if, initial, menu, noinput, nomatch, object, record, subdialog, transfer


PCDATA, audio, break, emphasis, enumerate, mark, paragraph, phoneme,

prosody, say-as, sentence, value, voice