What is IVR?

IVR stands for "Interactive Voice Response."  It is an acronym used to describe phone systems that offer an interactive, automated interface for callers.  These systems require not only a phone line but also an actual software program/application running as the intelligence behind the phone line, which is a component that must be created by a software developer.  The entire system must then run on (or be hosted by) a platform, which is comprised of a multitude of software/hardware systems.
IVR systems can recognize user input in the form of number entry, referred to as DTMF entries, which are made possible via pressing buttons on a telephone, or actual recognition of a user's voice.  Systems relying upon voice recognition are generally more costly than those relying upon number entry alone.

In this day and age, just about every large company has an IVR system in place but not many small to medium-sized companies have been able to afford these highly-advanced systems.  Not only have these IVR systems been outrageously expensive, but companies that offer these systems refuse to even consider small to medium-sized businesses as potential clients if the company does not have "X" number of employees or meet a minimum level of yearly revenue.  However, since the development of SoftSyl's revolutionary software system and platform, the gap has been bridged, bringing this highly sought after technology to the real world.